Broker Program

Originate Loans Backed by Our Capital and Resources


Why Broker With Us?

  • Woodland Funds offers a Broker Program that simplifies loan originations, minimizing overhead and setup requirements. This program is ideal for individual brokers seeking to diversify their income streams.

Broker Program Features

  • Portal Access: Gain access to our portal to easily submit loans and borrower documents.
  • Simplicity: We handle the rest of the process, allowing you to focus on originating more loans.
  • Quick Sign-Up: No need for business or entity documentation, making the sign-up process fast and hassle-free.

Critical Benefits for Woodland Funds Brokers

Individual Portal Access

Price and submit loans directly through your portal access.

Full Back-Office Support

Our team supports you throughout the process, ensuring loans reach the finish line.

Earn Broker Points

Receive broker points on every deal, paid out by Title at closing.

Added Benefits for Your Clients

Self-Service Options

Borrowers can order their draws, extensions, and payoffs.


More transparent loan processing for better client satisfaction.

Contact Woodland Funds to learn more about our Broker Program and how it can benefit your business. With Woodland Funds, you can simplify your originations and maximize your earnings.